2007 —- The Good Old Days.

2007 —- The Good Old Days.

Who would have ever thought that I would start to think of 2007 as the good old days.

In the last year the combined loss in property values and the stock market amounts to over $9 trillion, or approximately $90,000 for every household in America.

I suspect that it is the secret hope of every director of development that their wealthy benefactors have somehow come through this unscathed and will continue to support their charity with the same vigor as they have in the past.

Unfortunately for donations, the rich have taken a double whammy. Not only have their investments taken a hit, but the percentage return they can expect over the next few years will also decrease. They may still have more money than they can spend in a lifetime, but the wealthy will feel poorer. If you once had $300 million and you now only have $200 million, I suspect that it is human nature to focus more on the missing hundred million than to celebrate the amazing quantity of money you still have left.

The pool of donations to be divided amongst all charities will shrink for the foreseeable future. This will be going on at exactly the same time as most charities face increased pressure to provide more services.

Sadly, for your charity to survive, others will be forced under. The next couple of years will be tough, and, as shocking as it may seem, we may all start looking upon 2007 as the good old days.

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