A Bright Spot

A Bright Spot

Colleen and I have spent the last few days in the wine country.  We have had meetings in Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma.  It has given us a chance to talk to several vintners.  They are all complaining about wine sales generally but the bright spot is that direct sales and their wine club sales are as strong as ever. In fact several wineries reported that wine club members actually increased the size of their orders.

My interpretation of this is that in hard times, people value the relationships they have more than ever and are prepared to spend money to protect those they care about. If they are prepared to do that for wineries, how much greater is their commitment to a charity?

This should give non-profits a psychic boost.  All the time and effort you have invested into building relationships with your supporters will be returned, and then some.  Do not underestimate your supporters.

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