About R & B

Reynolds and Buckley, LLC helps charities nationwide create successful fundraising auctions. As auction performers, we are unparalleled. We continually strive to hone our skills through improving our stagecraft. As dedicated fundraisers, we are constantly researching the latest fundraising techniques and philanthropic trends to help our clients maximize that critical time on stage.

Our philosophy is simple: get involved with clients as early in the planning as possible and provide guidance along the way. A fundraising auction is a form of theater so no two events are ever quite the same. From our 25 years experience, we can offer creative solutions to the challenges faced by each event.

Whether your auction is new or well established, we can help make it more fun and more rewarding. Since fundraising auctions are all we do, we bring a unique focus and breadth of knowledge to our work.

Read more about our history, our founders – David Reynolds & Colleen Buckley. Also included here are testimonials from a few of our clients. Or, feel free to give us a call. As auctioneers, we are always happy to talk!