David Reynolds ~ Founder

David ReynoldsWhat began as an off-the-cuff invitation from a dear friend (“You have an English accent, you know something about wine, you have to be better than the last guy.”) started David Reynolds on the path to helping non-profits around the country revolutionize their approach to fundraising auctions.

That was in 1982.  Since then his distinct combination of marketing savvy, quick wit, and passion to help charities thrive, has been the driving force behind the firm that raised over $25 million in 2012 alone.

David pioneered the concept of an “auction performance” stepping away from both the restrained European style and traditional American cattle auction patois to one of quick banter and cajoling the audience with wry humor.  And they responded with unprecedented new levels of generosity.

But behind that stagecraft, David developed a groundbreaking approach to creating a successful fundraising auction long before he stepped on stage.  Together with his wife and co-founder, Colleen Buckley, this strategy and philosophy have become the foundation of their firm and has been embraced from events as varied as small school auctions to multi-million dollar, star-studded affairs in the Napa Valley.

When they are not on the road, David and Colleen live in San Francisco.

To engage David Reynolds contact Colleen Buckley-Reynolds at [email protected] or (415) 695-1683.