David Reynolds began working as a fundraising auctioneer in 1984. At that time, he was visiting his parents in England and received a telephone call from Jack Thornton, a friend from Sun Valley, Idaho. Jack asked him to be the auctioneer at a casual benefit for a local arts group.

Succumbing to Jack’s claim that “anyone with a British accent would be a step up,” David accepted. Today, he continues to raise his gavel in Sun Valley and the event is consistently among the top 10 fundraising wine auctions in the country.

In the early years, auctioneering was an avocation complementing David’s career as a wine retailer, wholesaler, sommelier, radio commentator, and (briefly) a winemaker. For a time, he also entered the computer arena as a programmer developing software for business applications. Along the way, he never stopped moonlighting as a charity auctioneer.

David met Colleen Buckley in 1989 and the couple formed Reynolds & Buckley, LLC in 1993 prior to their marriage in 1995. Her retail marketing background combined with organizational skills helped launch the endeavor. Their idea was to provide charities with a unique new resource offering an unusual combination of services:

Auctioneering with highly entertaining style.
Professional consulting for fundraising auction events.

In 2004, David fundraising auctioneer Greg Quiroga joined Reynolds & Buckley as their first full-time employee. Under David’s mentoring, Greg quickly became one of the top fundraising auctioneers in the country. He currently works with over 60 clients a year nationwide.

2008 marked another milestone, when Ed Gold joined the fold of fundraising auctioneers at Reynolds & Buckley. Ed’s flair, wit, style, and unique combination of experience on the stand for commercial auctions and behind the scenes with non-profits made him an ideal fit.

Today Reynolds & Buckley, LLC is the most sought after charity auction firm in the country, helping to raise tens of millions of dollars every year. We have appeared on stage with Robin Williams, the Doobie Brothers, Willy Nelson, Chef Emeril Legasse, Robert Mondavi, Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Jay Leno, Tommy Smothers, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, and many other celebrities and notables.

We are unique in our pre-event planning, post-event follow-up, and consulting services.

Our calendar includes events from coast to coast. While many are wine auctions, others include art, travel, culinary, sports and a varied array of additional items. Among David’s more remarkable non-wine lots were two pizzas that sold for $8,000 and one Krispy Kreme donut that brought in $200.