Comprehensive Consulting

When should we sell our most expensive item? What is the best way to organize a silent auction? How many lots should we do in our silent auction? Will our auction benefit from adding an online component? How can we motivate our board to stay engaged in our fundraising? What creative ways of giving sponsors recognition are new and exciting?

The main focus of our work at Reynolds & Buckley is not only live auctions; our expertise covers a broad spectrum of gala fundraising. We have tried, tested and fine-tuned proven methodologies for helping make every element of your event a success, and we want to share our expertise with you.

Our comprehensive pre-event consulting services include:

Lot Ordering

We understand the ebb and flow of an auction and built our careers studying the nuances of bidder behavior along with the challenge of building and sustaining momentum.

Working with your committee, we’ll gain an understanding of your previous event, and then make a recommendation on how to order the live auction lot sequence.

Silent Auctions

Depending upon your perspective, silent auctions can be a bane on any committee or a wonderful opportunity to showcase a large donor base of items that aren’t live-auction-appropriate. We understand both sides of the fence (and a few other sides of the fence as well).

There is a science to crafting a silent auction that will engage people and get them to spend. We know what sells well in a silent auction, and the psychology behind marketing and displaying it.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a wonderful tool for expanding the number of items you can sell, without having to rent out a pavilion or convention center to do so. They aren’t magic, however, and seldom result in less work or an incredible influx of bidders who never heard of you before.

If you haven’t done an online auction before, we can help explore how appropriate it would be for your support base. We understand the work that goes into putting together a good online auction and getting people to come bid on it (hint: it’s not much less than a silent auction) and can discuss it clearly and openly.

If you already do an online auction, we’re happy to chime in where appropriate. Put our extensive experience with online auctions (Greg was the Vice President of a live and online auction company before becoming a fundraiser) to work for you.

Motivating Your Board

Your board’s support and involvement is integral to the success of your auction. You know it, we know it, and we’ll work with you to ensure that they are empowered to help make your auction successful.

We speak to numerous boards of directors every year, motivating them to help achieve tangible goals that will have long-term benefits for your auction and organization.


Sponsorships are a great way to engage local companies and corporations to get involved with your cause and event. The challenge: how can you approach them in a meaningful and creative way?

And, once you have a sponsor, how can you get them to fill their table with qualified bidders?  Or is providing a table the best option?  What other perks can you offer sponsors?

We’ve seen it all, from VH1 sponsoring 3 tables and then not sending a single person to the event to Wegman’s Supermarkets offering a 3-to-1 challenge grant in the fund-a-need. We understand the relationships it takes to cultivate sponsors, and have fresh ideas on how to get them involved in your event.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of every fundraising auction.  We have specific formulas for how many people you need to staff each job in the silent and live auctions, and can provide descriptions of those jobs.

The night of your auction, we’ll happily train all of the volunteers working on the live auction – the spotters, recorders, runners and Vannas. In the process, we’ll motivate them to help make your auction exciting, memorable and successful.

No auction exists in a vacuum. Each event is an opportunity to raise money and garner new supporters. It is also a chance to show off what you do, give volunteers a chance to shine, and reach out to old friends and family in new ways. We love doing all of this, and want to help.