Crafting and Implementing a Successful Fund-a-Need

Over the years, we have observed that  fund-a-need has emerged as the single most productive component  of a benefit auction. (It may also be called “Cash Call”, “Fund-A-Cause”, or other term.)  A well executed fund-a-need raises more money than any other single auction item – sometimes generating more than all of the other auction items combined – and gives the crowd a sense of communal accomplishment. As fundraising professionals we focus on the fund-a-need as a unique piece of our onstage performance and an integral component of our consulting.

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Conducting a successful fund-a-need onstage requires an in-depth knowledge of the charity’s mission. It also requires a commitment to the process of converting bidders into outright donors and the ability to use a dynamic vocal approach to create and sustain momentum.

Just like the rest of the auction, the fund-a-need’s success is dependent upon the planning that goes into it in advance.  We work with each and every charity, each and every year, to help determine a genuine need that is emotionally engaging and resonates with your community. We help analyze trends in your supporters’ behavior, and work to ensure that we are appropriately challenging your crowd to help you accomplish a specific goal.  Finally, we know what infrastructure must be in place to make the recording of rapid fire bidding go smoothly and accurately.

The fund-a-need is meant to be the magic moment when a crowd comes together to change the world – through supporting you. This is the moment we spend every auction building towards, and the highlight of every auction we do.

If your crowd has never experienced this joy, it’s time you contact Reynolds & Buckley.