Lighting a Silent Auction

When you are setting up your silent auction, remember that attendees can’t bid if they can’t see the items. If your Since a silent auction utilizes signage withis almost dependent upon text descriptions and handwritten bids, it is important that people be able to see well enough to read the bid sheets and place bids. Even with the variety of electronic bidding systems now on the market, good lighting is obviously essential to showcase your offerings.

There are a lot of ways to illuminate a silent auction, from bringing all of the house lights up to full blast to using trees of lights placed over each table of silent auction items. Reynolds & Buckley doesn’t advocate any one approach as better than another.

We just want you to be thinking about the ambiance and visible lighting when planning your silent auction. Plan for the darkness of the room, and make sure your attendees can see the items in whatever way works best for the look and feel of your event.