Registration and Check-Out

We are strong advocates for making efficient use of attendees’ time. This means you need to have a system set up for easy registration, pre-swiping credit cards before the auction, and easy check-out when the event is over.

It is better to overestimate the number of people and check-in stations you need than to have massive lines at check-in. Plan on needing one check-in station per hundred guests, and at least 2 well-trained people to work each station in unison.

Set up a “Solutions Table” separate from check-in and staff it with specialists who can help solve any of the registration problems that will inevitably may arise. Registration problems will always arise, and you want the people who are “causing the problems” to not feel like they are causing any problem at all. Make sure a waiter is assigned to swing by and immediately offer wine to whoever winds up at the solutions desk.

Overcome your fears of asking people to pre-swipe their credit cards upon arrival. Having their information and being able to process their payment immediately after the auction is more important. In this day and age, Most everyone is accustomed to the practice. Offer attendees the chance to “skip the lines at checkout by registering for VIP checkout now” and they’ll jump at the chance to give you their credit card number

Train your staff and volunteers on check-in and check-out procedures in advance of your event. If you are using a software solution like Greater Giving, make sure everyone is well-versed in it before guests start arriving.

The last thing anyone remembers from an event is the last thing they experienced. Make sure check-out is smooth, painless, and has no lines.